As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I enjoy movies showing Hindus and Muslims as brothers and that only few people do all the stuff for their self-vested interests. Can I get anything better than Zakhm? Good movie...But as expected such movies are bound to have "controversies". I read an article which said this: "Zakhm" has been fighting controversy after controversy since its conception, and it is a blessing on the viewer that such a film has valiantly braved each storm in order to come forth onto the big screen. This is a film that not only will make you feel - it will make you think. Be prepared.

It really made me think. Think!!!!

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Saurabh Harsh said…
it made you really think...oh i must accept it brought tears in my eyes..this movie is kind of legendary..once in a "wood"(bolly here)..aisi acchi movie bani nahi dobara bhaiyya..god acting by kunal khemu..sala bachpan mein sahi tha..bada ho ke l**d ho gaya hai..
Pratik Poddar said…
he he...
waise superstar mein to accha lag raha hai chora...:)