Sarkar Raj and Tashan

I came back to IIT today. Watched two movies : Tashan and Sarkar Raj. Just finished Sarkar Raj, hence I would talk about it first.

Sarkar Raj

Crack Maxx movie. Even watching it in theatre is definitely more than its worth. Almost every actor was impeccable. Amitabh Bachchan was expectedly great. Abhishek Bachchan's work was definitely equal to his father's if not better. Aishwariya Rai was beautiful and good as always. In fact, i felt even the actors with small roles were good. Each and every one. Acting was too good.

Music in almost all action movies is great. Sarkar Raj stands no exception.

Script was also flawless. The scene where Amitabh exposes the real culprit would be remembered in years to come. Can you face tonnes of unexpected (although logical) twists in the story and that too in a 100 second time lapse.

In all, RGV gave a great movie and had a great comeback after Aag. Someone has rightly said that the greatest glory does not lie in the fact that you rise and rise but it lies in the fact that you fall and then rise.


A total time pass movie. Comedy was not sensible though. Kareena was good (both as actress and ***).


Reisender said…
your movie reviews are about the most tasteless that i have ever read. Being more than generous to tashan which is an absolute horror and praising Sarkar raj which is nothing more than a shaky cinematographer who forgot to unzoom and a deaf sound recorder. i would suggest godfather and godfather 2 for improvement. :D
Anonymous said…
i have thought hard abt it but what do the *** (3 stars) at the end represent.. please enlighten
Pratyush Rathore said…
To be true agree with reisender. Jannat first half was much better than Sarkar raj and Tashan both. Try writing reviews of a few english movies.