Tum Chalo to Hindustan Chale

Lyrics of the "Lead India Tree Song"

Falak Pakad Ke Utho Aur Hawa Pakad Ke Chalo -2
Tum Chalo Toh Hindustan Chale -4
Lagaaon Haath Ke Suraj Subaha Nikala Kare
Hatheliyon Mein Bhare Dhup Aur Ujaala Karen
Ho Lagaaon Haath Ke Suraj Subaha Nikal Na Chale
Hatheliyon Mein Bhare Dhup Aur Ujaala Karen
Ufak Pe Paanv Rakho Aur Chalon Akad Ke Chalon -2
Falak Pakad Ke Utho Aur Hawa Pakad Ke Chalo -2
Tum Chalo Toh Hindustan Chale -2
Hindustan Chale
Chalo ----

You tube video

God maxx video.. really touching. I had seen this video many many times before but wanted to write about it now. "Tum chalo to Hindustan Chale" - So true.

Most of us (Almost everyone) wants to do something for the country. 10% are not able to get the answer how? Fortunately, I am in the other part. I think I know how can I do my part. If you do not know, I recommend you to watch other related videos of Lead India. But the problem I believe, at least with me, although I know how can I do my small part, but I do not do it. Because, I want to do something really BIG. And in the 19 yrs 2 months 16 days of my life I have lived, I never ever found, what that BIG thing is.

By God's grace, I am definitely one of the members of the privileged class of my country. I am educated (by definition, that means I have degrees and I have passed some of the courses). I have been taught to keep our country clean. I do not want to make my roads dirty. None of us wants I believe. But somehow every time I buy a chocolate and I do not find any place to throw the wrapper, I just quietly, silently, act and it slips down my hand on to the road, um..um...just on its own. I almost always make sure no one saw me do that. Just then it happened. Just Once in a 100 times. I was caught. A friend of mine (who happens to be a girl by the way), whom I had always thought of as just another 18 yr. old sophisticated girl in Mumbai, comes to me and tries to tell me that I should not do it. As you all might think, I made fun of her (or I suppose, I tried to make fun of her but would never succeed because I was wrong!). She just picked up the wrapper, and put it in her pocket. She would throw it when she finds a dustbin. You might find that as a very ordinary incident. But believe it or not, I have never ever thrown a wrapper away on roads carelessly after that very day.

Some of my friends told me that my blogs (which I made just a week ago) has quite small events shown in an exaggerated way. I bet you would think so. But I want that even if a single person reading this blog remembers it while throwing stuff on road, it might pinch him and he would not do it.

That's my small bit for my country. There is nothing BIG. If a country of a population of 1.2 billion has even 1.2 million people doing their small bit, it is BIG. And definitely Bigger than you can think!

You can kill me if you catch me throwing some garbage on roads. I am sure, I never will.

Jai Hind!!