India and Pakistan

I found a remarkable point between India and Pakistan in my trip to Hong Kong. We are fighting against each other all the time. Our favorite topic of discussion on coffee table is India vs Pakistan. We take Ind Vs Pak Cricket match very personally and winning against Pakistan in World Cup is considered more important than winning the World Cup.
But you find things different when you go to other countries.
I found a restaurant "Halal- The Indian and Pakistani Restaurant". :-o Dude, its like joining two completely different things together, say The salty sweet-dish ;).

Moving ahead, the bank in the university had a Pakistani watchman. He was talking with phrases like - "appan log", "hamara", "hum bhaiyon ka".
Hey..Hey..Hey..wait a minute. You are freaking me out.
But indeed that is the case. That man told us about his son, that we were of the same age as that of his son, told us his and his son's salary, gave us some souvenirs and helped us in every possible way. He found my number and only god knows how to inform me when I forgot my passport in the bank. :-o
This is more that what an average Indian does for his countryman???

And still, when I will go back to India, we will have coffee table discussions on India vs Pakistan. I will definitely remember of him when I would think of Ind Vs Pak again.

I was watching Khuda Ke Liye 2008 a few days back. The actor introduces himself to the heroine as that he is from the land of Taj Mahal. Outside India and Pakistan, we all treat ourselves as belonging to one nation bounded by Afghanistan, Nepal, China. Myanmar and Indian Ocean.

That really indicates that somewhere deep down our heart, we still feel pride in associating ourselves to the land of Indus Valley Civilization. The Indus valley is now half in India and half in Pakistan. But we share a bond of history. If India is the place of one of the earliest civilizations of the world, So is Pakistan. So, is our land.

I can prove that Hindustan and Pakistan are same.

Hindustan Pak(pavitra) hai. Hence Hindustan is Pakistan.

Left is to prove that Pakistan is Hindustan.

Hindustan is not the land of Hindus. Hindustan is the land of Hinds which means land of people living beyond Indus. Read wikipedia for references. Since Pakistan is also the land of people living beyond Indus. Pakistan is Hindustan.

Hence Pakistan = Hindustan
So, there is no point in treating them as separate entities. We can make them one.

Jai Hind. (Its not only Long Live India but also Long Live Pakistan)

Jai Hind!!!!


sunny said…
I don't think everyone will agree.
You seem to be over-awed by the bonhomie of the watchman.
Its great for you to have noticed the --Indian and Pakistani Restaurant but I think you missed a more general trend. Most of the restaurants which are owned by Pakistani immigrants have the tendency to add India to the name of their businesses, specially restaurants. But the case is not the same with the Indian immigrants. And its not hard to guess why. The south Asian cuisine is synonymous to Indian in the general psyche and its more of a business strategy than sense of unity that you observed. In fact, during my visit to Iceland, I have seen two restaurants owned by immigrants from the Indian sub continent. I don't remember the names, but I sure do remember that the one owned by a Pakistani immigrant mentions Indian and Pakistani cuisine whereas the one owned by an Indian limits itself to the word 'Indian'. And this is not limited to Iceland. I have heard of first person accounts where people were asked to remove Indian flags from their tables on the 15th of August, in what claimed to be an Indian and Pakistani restaurant.

I am not trying to belittle Pakistan or for that matter, any other country or culture. People are the same everywhere and the Pakistani watchman you mentioned is a sure example that good people are everywhere. But you seemed to have missed an important point in the excitement of your "discovery".

One more thing, no offence, but this equation of India = Pakistan of yours appears to be downright silly to me. I appreciate your intention of emphasizing on all that is common between us, but when did China become a part of the Indic civilization? I sure missed that history lesson :D
Please be sure to get your facts right.

But in toto, glad to see these ideas making way to your blog.
Keep venting

Gyani said…
thanx pappu for letting all know the expected reality :):)

its really encouraging to continue the love for other country :)
applause for us.
Pratik Poddar said…
thanx gyani..

@shashank.. i partly agree with your argument..But quoting
"but when did China become a part of the Indic civilization? I sure missed that history lesson :D
Please be sure to get your facts right." I never included China in my discussion. I believe you mis-interpreted something.
sunny said…
Oh sure, I apologize.
I read it wrong. You sure didn't say that. :)