More reservation

My idea on reservation issue:
I am in full agreement with my friends who say that OBC's need to be treated with special powers to help their upliftment (Thanks to the healthy discussion I had with some friends that helped me realize this). But I have a few questions for our 'great' Arjun Singh.

a) Don't you think the idea of reservation should be modified in a way that one person can only use the reservation criteria only once or may be twice in life. Is there any point in the idea that I get in school by reservation, get into IIT by reservation, get into IIM by reservation and even then I need reservation to get me a job. :-o This is insane man.

b) Is there any point in faculty reservation? Dude, minimum requirement to become a professor in IIT is a Phd. If you are finding it difficult to get a job even after getting a Phd, how dumb are you? In fact, currently, there is no competition to get into IITs as professors (most of the best guys go to US, Hong Kong, Europe). If you have a Phd, and you have even the slightest of motivation, you can get into IIT. I can bet this idea is purely politically motivated. Even a rough study of facts would reveal that there is no gain (even for OBC's) with this reservation. It is like Adam and Eve buying a plot near Juhu. Whats the point in buying, its all yours!

c) I am actually wondering, if UPA wins the election again, and this reservation issue is not dropped, we might have reservations in Indian Cricket Team, in Hockey Team, Bollywood. All these are places dominated by so called upper caste. It would be a boost in the standard of living of backward classes. Am I right "Sir Arjun Singh"?

d) How many backward class HRD ministers did we have till now? Definitely not half of the total. We should have reservation for HRD minister's post (one tenure forward class and the next tenure backward class).

e) One more point that I would like to address. Best of my friends are from backward class, I just didn't know about it, and I really do not care. But now, there is a gap. I did not draw it. He did not draw it. Arjun Singh did it. Its a shame.

Sorry friends if I have hurt your sentiments in any way. But I really believe from the core of my heart- "The idea is definitely not to help someone, but to get votes from someone". Its like hardly 20000 people in IITs are getting affected. But the 50 crore backward class population would treat him as their God. Kill 10 to get votes from 500. Great strategy but an evil one.


gudi said…
Hey, I totally agree with most of it but the last two comments I would have to disagree upon. First, about the line betweeen you and your friends ..... comeon man, you guys are educated, you know that these reservations are no one's mistake but arjun singh's so why do you let it hamper your friendship?????
Next, about the 50 crore votes, this is the effect of illiteracy in our country. If everyone is educated enough, then they can see the actual motives behind government decisions. So, as long as half of our population remains illiterate, we will have politicians exploiting their ignorance in some form or the other.
Pratik Poddar said…
Thanx gudi...
I totally agree with you..
But indeed politicians are taking advantage of our ignorance.
sufal said…
nice blog man.. agreed almost completely.. and i believe if they are to be given reservation.. let it be in primary education so that it is benifciary to both the person and society..