No in chinese

Mong Kok is a famous shopping area in Hong Kong. Its the best place I have ever been as far as checking your bargaining skills is concerned.

Here is my bargaining experience.

Me: How much for this T-shirt?
Vendor: 39 HKD
Me: It is very costly. I will take many T-shirts..many..many... how much then??
Vendor: How many??
Me: 10??
Vendor: (Takes out a calculator and starts typing as he says) 350
Me: Sorry.. Not more than 180..
Vendor: What 180??? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... (Believe me..its very very long..they say it all the is something like they are practicing Om or something...).
Me: Sorry..bye..
Vendor: Take it today. If you come again tomorrow, prices will rise. Then it will be 400 or even more.. Then dont come to me.
Me: (Oh really!! I am really thinking...Shut up and let me go.) Ok fine.. but I dont need them.

(As you move each step, prices go down by 30 HKD. So, after 5 steps, it was 210. Ah..perfect for me.

Me: Done 10 for 210.

:) Deal done.

Feeling satisfied, (celebrating India's win over China) we bought ice-creams from McDonalds. As we moved ahead, a shop with the same T-shirts sold them at 5 for 100.
Ice cream started melting. God knows at what price would he give after bargaining.