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Musings of a Struggling Entrepreneur

Prepared jointly by Arnav (IIT KGP + DB + UrbanTouch + Sokratik + Carcredible) and Pratik (IITB + Morgan Stanley + Blackstone + Clipr + Tomonotomo + ZippedNews + Spiral Media)
Stopping for a second to look back at my startup journey - some points in no order.

1) Marketing and sales are important - even for tech startups. Nothing sells itself. The movie Social Network did not talk about it. Its not only about the product. "Bijnessman wahi hai jise bechna aata ho"

2) Accept failure quickly, learn from your mistakes and iterate fast. "Subah ka bhoola shaam ki jagah agar din mein hi ghar aa jaye to behtar"

3) Do not fuss about equity. Be equal partners and go ahead. "Ye dosti hum nahin todenge"

4) Listen to VCs with a pinch of salt - They have all the time in the world to talk. You don't. They would want that you either succeed quickly so that they can invest, or fail quickly so that they can hire you for one of their portfolio companies. Do not get exci…