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My first post after joining my job!! \m/ \m/
Its not about job.. Its about convocation..

The official links (Link1 & Link2) say:
The Convocation Day marks the culmination of a students academic life for which he has striven so hard. :P

Before beginning, apologies to all my friends whom I could not meet during convocation as I had fever! :(
Nevertheless, went to the stage and got my degree and a convo pic :P \m/ \m/

Now the serious point.. As the Chief Guest speech, we should have got something better. Now, I can't help but compare Steve Jobs' and Oprah's speech to Stanford's graduating students and Bill Gates' speech to Havard graduating batch to the Aerodynamics Lecture we had. We should have got a better speech if not a better chief guest. :( Who chooses chief guests anyway? Thoughts on impeachment?