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Short Mobile Video Market in India

I love short videos. I was probably one of the early adopters of in India and I still use the app once a day. I am one of the few people born in 80s who actually love snapchat. I also use Kwai, Dubsmash, Clips, Bigo Live, Ditty, Tribe and Scorp. That’s a lot considering I only have a 16BG iPhone! Because of the love I have for these products as a consumer, I am super excited about video creation / publishing / sharing tools for India. These are super interesting times to create companies in the space.
With the mobile data rates dropping over the last 6 months after the launch of Jio and the penetration of smart phones increasing, content consumption on mobile is beginning to rapidly increase in India. Hotstar has emerged as a leading premium content video platform (100 million MAUs). Youtube is estimated to have 200 million MAUs. All video content companies I talk to has seen 2.5x growth in last 6 months.
UGC video is also beginning to get traction. Outside Youtube (India …