Indian Parents Cliches

Father: money doesn't grow on trees
Son: But if you grow mangoes and sell them?

Mother: u will understand only when ur a mother and have a daughter like u
Daughter: Ya right!! Heard of twin sisters.. here comes this twin pair(mother-daughter).. :P

Father: have'nt you seen your cousin or neighbour's child? well beahaved they are.
Son: Then go and adopt him!!

Father: See how XYZ scores good marks!
Son: u can say see how that uncle makes so much money!

Father: When we were at your age, this isn't what we did
Son: Ya I know!! You didn't have TV then and you didn't wear full pants till your 10th class! Thanx for the pant btw. :P

Father: When Rajendra Prasad was of your age he went to school swimming across a river.
Son: Dude, when he was of your age, he was the president of India!!

7) Shaddi kar le iss TV se..waise bhi toh din raat issi se chipka rehta hai !

8) Ise Boarding school bhejenge tab hi sudherega ..........

9) Hum tumhaare Maa-Baap hai hum tumhaara bhala hi chaahenge ...koi parent apne baccho ka bura nahi chaahta ...

10) We never dared to open our mouth in front of our parents.. and you are so disrespectful towards us :P

11) Someday,,u will remember these words and that day, u will know my importance.

12) ye koi khana hai ... pizza burger ... isse pet thode bharega
:D :D