GRE Effect

I have to take GRE on 26th..
My vocabulary was definitely "poor".. I never paid attention to improve my word power.. The effect being I had to work significantly harder than most people around me.. I have not read Word Lists.. I have only read Word Power Made Easy (By Normal Lewis), including the word-list given in the end. I have started practising from Power Prep, hoping to complete all practice tests and all practice questions given. Given that I have not studied much, I am not expecting a great result (1300 I think is good enough for me). But preparing for GRE has provided the following to me:

1) If not of the level of GRE or if not of the level of the "magniloquent" people, I have definitely improved my vocab to a normal acceptable level.
2) It might help me in CAT. I practised a few CAT questions with my sister. I think the preparation is helping.
3) I have developed an interest for languages. I am now able to relate Sanskrit, English, Latin, German, Hindi.
4) Hopefully, I will continue in this spirit and learn more words in the future. Now I want to read some good books/novels.

I wrote all this today so that after 26th, I could read this and be happy. :) Also to express the precept that I have lived by till now. Taking exams is always good. You get to measure your strength and a chance to learn something in whatever preparation you do for it.

I am happy!!


Kaustubh said…
good luck for 26th
Pratik Poddar said…
thanx kaustubh..
aashirwaad.. :)
Pratik Poddar said…
Thought I should complete the post here today... :(

I did bad in GRE. (800+460).. Writing skills scores still awaited.

Still applying. Hoping to get in one of the good places.