The Art of Managing Fame

Interesting article... Sees inefficiency, bureaucracy, nepotism from a positive side.. Managing fame.. Also, interesting comments made below...

One says:
Yes, Mr Obama was surprised on the announcement of Nobel Peace Prize 2009. He felt humbled, not embarrassed. It appears he was awarded for his forward thinking aspirations, expectations of achievements.

and other says

This is quite a damning and hard hitting article on the Peace Nobel to Obama, and understandably so. After all, the world is so much at a loss of words to justify the honour!

The article is refreshing in the sense that it goes beyond mere criticism of the award, and looks at the motives (or machinations) behind it. Quite conspicuously, there are hints of the award having been packaged, fixed or managed, probably without the consent or knowledge of Obama, to enhance his fame.

It is sad that such controversial choices by the Nobel Peace Prize committee will only lower the esteem of the award in the eyes of the people, as is clear from the article.