Why I think Google+ is Awesome!

Disclaimer: I am not claiming that it will be big. Just that it has some interesting features.

Summarizing by this image:

Google Plus has taken the commenting, uploading,  liking feature of facebook. Except the groups thing, it has everything facebook has.

It has taken following feature from twitter. You do not have to accept if I am following you. This is plain awesome. Its actually more powerful that twitter as you can point whether this post is for everyone or for a select group.

Notice the orange and green coloured balls the in the image related to google plus. It brings out a very important characteristic. Me and a lot of my friends were discussing since last 2 years that facebook had made my friend structure really flat. I have lots of friends. Even the friend whom I would not have called even once in 5 years knows everything about me if I am posting regularly. My best friend does not feel special as I am not calling him to tell him what happened to me today. There was a really flat friend structure.
Also, Some posts do not make sense for different sets of people. For example, some of my posts are for my friends from IITB and people from Morgan Stanley do not understand them. On the other hand, if I post some office incident, then it does not make sense to most of my friends. Hence, we all could see a need to partition(?) or label (gmail terminology) friends. G+ achieves exactly that. So I can have two seperate circles as IITB and Morgan Stanley and get rid of my problem. I can have another smaller circle as Best friends where I can post personal things. I can have another circle called Dram Junta and I can post plays/movies reviews and so on.
For celebrities, they can have their personal social networking site and their fan follwing site at one place.

Looks cool to me! Hope this is a success and users do not discard a better social networking site just because they were too lazy to change. Cheers!

It has the best of all worlds!


Pratik Poddar said…
thoughts are entirely mine.. image google search mein mila lekin wo bhi post likhne ke baad :)
Anonymous said…
And, so google's back with a bang(Read: Orkut)..
I feel your blog really useful and inspiring me. Thank you.
kidakaka said…
More importantly, it allows content creators such as yourself, to claim the authorship of your posts on Google search - which is kickass if you are generating revenues from content!