Spiritual Development

Read about this concept in Ignited Minds by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam but I could not appreciate it until a discussion that I had in a beautiful swiss cottage on a beautiful hill in God's own place Uttarakhand :P

Some of the ideas in the post are original. I have absolute faith in the idea and if you do not agree with me, I will love to have a discussion. :)

Dr Kalam identified five important areas to transform India. These are:
1) Education and Health Care
2) Agriculture
3) Information and Communication
4) Infrastructure
5) Critical Technology

Pramukh Swami Maharaj of Swaminarayan Sanstha at Ahmedabad suggested a sixth dimension:
6) Spirituality

I did not appreciate the sixth point that why do we need spiritual development for development of the country.  But indeed, we need spiritual development. Spiritual development would comprise of the basic human quality to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong, God and Satan. Spiritual development would include not cheating your family and your organization. It would put an end to corruption. It will put an end to crimes. It will put an end to riots and communal disturbances. We need to rekindle belief. This will make things easier for development.

Immediate actions that come to me that would imply spiritual development:
1) NO Corruption
2) NO Cheating in exams/labs (I am sorry for OS course case. As I said, we do not know how to differentiate between good and bad)
3) NO getting special privileges in Mandirs/Mosques/Churches because you have more power/money
4) Helping people in need - Discourage beggary though
5) NO to illegal drugs/alcohol
6) Pay Taxes

Best of Luck!! Let India Develop (Spiritually) !!


Dinesh said…
i am sure u will not follow these things :)
Pratik Poddar said…
tum ab bhi mujhe pehchaan nahin paaye dost.. :P
amit upadhyay said…
Sprituality == bullshit! Complete and utter.

Good and bad is nothing but applied common sense.