Purpose of Life - Version II

I wrote a post on purpose of life a few day back. I had some interesting discussion and I am revisiting the post.

Some revelations:
1) Life does not have a purpose. Anything created does not have a purpose. Creator has a purpose. So, The creator of life has a purpose.
2) So, the purpose of life is the purpose its creator (God) would have while its creation. Any guesses?
3) As far as I can guess, God would have wanted us to live in such a way that we do not disturb god's world. We help it grow. We help it continue. We help it evolve. We improve the world.
4) So, Purpose of Life would be
  • Help those in need
  • Reproduction
  • Be happy and make others happy
  • Make the world a better place to be in
  • Change the way people live their lives, hopefully in a positive way
5) In Hindu Dharm, there are three types of Rin which must be paid off before one's death: Dev Rin, Pitra Rin and Rishi Rin. Dev Rin is paid off to Devtaa by doing Yagya; Pitra Rin is paid off to Pitar (ancestors) by forwarding one's Vansh (lineage or family line) i.e. by producing a son; and Rishi Rin is paid off by studying.

But Vaalmeeki Jee describes 5 types of Rin while Dashrath explains this to Raam -
(1) Dev Rin is paid off to celestials by doing Yagya and holy sacrifices;
(2) Pitra Rin is paid off to ancestors by producing a son to forward one's family line
(3) Rishi Rin is paid off by studying
(4) Braahman Rin is paid off to Braahman by giving donations and food to them
(5) Self Rin to self by enjoying all kinds of pleasures - means that one is all satisfied from this world.