Book on V.K. Bansal

A book on one of the best teachers I have ever known, Mr. V.K. Bansal (Bansal Classes, Kota)
Description of the book: A remarkable tale of the rise of small towns India as the new centres of business and money Will be of great interest to IIT-JEE aspirants and students in general Also narrates the journey of Bansal Classes, the branchild of V.K.Bansal, today a premier tutoring institute for the IIT-JEE A tutor transforms the way students take the IIT-JEE. Most students of science in Indian high schools aspire to join one of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). Thus competition for admission is fierce and staying one step ahead, the IITs make their Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) more difficult each year. Each year Bansal Classes, the premier tutoring institute for the IIT-JEE, puts more students into the IITs than any other. Bansal Classes is the brainchild of V.K. Bansal who began his career as a tutor teaching a single student on his dining table. He had just been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and was on the verge of losing his job with JK Synthetics Limited. Today, Bansal Classes are based at three centres in Rajasthan in Kota, Ajmer and Jaipur and total annual revenues are pegged at over a billion rupees. The Kota centre alone admits almost 20,000 students each year of which 10 per cent make it into the IITs. And more astounding is the cascading effect Bansal Classes has had on the town of Kota which has gained a name as a major hub for specialized tutoring. Lucidly written, It All Adds Up narrates a remarkable tale; not just of individual success, but of the rise of small towns India as the new centres of business and money.

Author Bio: Sachin Jha is an alumnus of Bansal Classes and the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. An entrepreneur, Sachin runs a chemical manufacturing business in Kota. He paints in oils and acrylic and has had few, well received exhibitions.


Novocaine said…
Haha. Why only "few, well received exhibitions".

I expect a grammatically crappy book ahead :)