Targets set at IIT

Targets Set at some point or the other at IIT :)

Did or Not  

CPI 9.00 No Whatever.. Ditch :P
EnglishNo :(
GuitarNo :(
JobYes :)
MathsYes :)
DramYes Did basic level. Ended it with an awesome PAF :)
WeightYes Went to a terrible state.. But getting back now. Lost more than 7 kgs now. :)
TTYes Can play at a very basic level and win against a beginner.
BlogYes +80 followers and +120 posts on puzzle blog
Euro TripYes :)
SwimmingNo :(
DebatingNo :(
NovelsNo :(
PublicationOngoing I need luck!! :) Sent BTP work
FinanceYes Did a basic level reading this sem :)
GoaYes 27th Feb 2010 :)
GFNo :(