Movies this weekend

Saw 5 movies this weekend (All Hindi) :)

Sangharsh (1999): Indianised "Silence of Lambs". But I liked it even more than I liked Silence of Lambs. The simple reason being everything was in Indian context. For me, Preity Zinta's story was more convincing than the story of the trainee in Silence of Lambs. Akshay Kumar is as usual great. Ashutosh Rana is brilliant. :)

Kyun! Ho Gaya Naa: Poor story line I believe. Everything was wierd , yet predictable. Vivek Oberoi's worst performance.

Chameli: One of the very few movies where I find Kareena good. Good acting and strong storyline.

Gunda: :) Movie made for IITians. :)

Rangeela: GodMax!! I think I did not see it before.

Road To Ladakh (2002): Irfaan Khan movie. Nothing good except some good Irfaan Khan acting.

(Movie-Counter: 20 Hindi and 1 English since 23rd July 2008)